Relax Herbal Stress And Anxiety Formula For Dogs. Zen In A Bottle.

Relax (Ri-laks) verb 1. to release or bring relief from the effects of stress, anxiety, etc.

Relax Is An External Remedy For Your Dog’s Stress And Anxiety. For You? Bliss.

Take the edge off naturally with Relax Stress & Anxiety calmative. Our unique formula can help your dog cope with the stressors of everyday life. Relax’s gentle formula is an effective alternative to drugs like Clomicalm or Prozac.

Benefits Of Relax Herbal Stress & Anxiety Formula:

Calms your dog and helps them find their happy place
Non-habit forming, non-toxic, easy to use
Effective alternative to drugs like Clomicalm or Prozac
Helps treat stress and anxiety related to situations like thunderstorms, car rides, meeting new people, and vet visits

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Organic Petitgrain, Majoram, Ylang Ylang, Turkish Rose Attar, Valerian, Roman* & Blue Chamomile, and Organic Lavender* essential oils in a base of Organic Jojoba, Organic Avocado oil* and love. All ingredients are Non-GMO. *Ingredients sourced from chemical free sources in the U.S.A. For dogs and horses only. Not for cats.

Relax Is An External AromatherapyTreatment.

Directions: Apply two or three drops of Relax to your dog's inner ear flaps and chin. Relaxcan be applied up to 3 times daily

Diagram of your dog's ear flap.

All Of Our Ingredients Are Non-GMO, Cruelty Free And Vegan Friendly.

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