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I happened upon the Farm Dogs Natural site and saw Restore. My dog had balding spots where he itched and not anything that I was doing gave him relief. He is 16 and I wanted a gentle, natural product that worked. Restore worked! His hair grew back and he is not aggravating any current sore areas by itching and licking. I shared Restore with a frie

nd who had a rescue with balding areas. Her hair is growing back as well. I fully recommend Restore when it seems that nothing works. It works! Pat Puckett



I love this product! I have tried others that have not worked. Not only does this heal and stop itching but my dogs do not run from me when it is time to apply it. My only regret is that I did not find and use it sooner!

Great product

This salve is really effective and helpful. I tried it on myself to make sure it worked and I feel good about using it on my dogs.

Restore is great…..wouldn’t be without

Restore is great…..wouldn’t be without it! It quells a hot spot overnight! Patricia H

Amazing Transformation

Our Golden Retriever is plagued with allergies and constantly chews his feet and groin raw, despite two years of various treatment approaches. Restore is the only salve we have found that stops the itching and allows his wounds to heal. We have tried many different salves over the past two years. His groin completely recovered in one week and his paws are much better. Restore has a pleasant odor and is easy to apply. Our treatment-averse dog now comes running over to us when it is time for another application of Restore. We apply it twice a day after his walks, just before nap time. Thank you Farm Dog Naturals for creating Restore. We are very impressed.   Kimberly O.
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